Commitment to Environment

Our business requires resources to operate, and with the consolidation of our operations over a number of sites, and use of state-of-the-art new technology, we’ve made significant improvements across our operations to reduce our impact on the environment. We continue to be part of the “Instep” Carbon & Sustainability Programme as part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

In particular water and energy improvements include:


• State of the Art washing technology


• A heat exchanger transfers wastewater temperature to preheat incoming water


• Ability to store 270,000 litres of rainwater on-site at Whakatu


• Recycling of wastewater to pre-rinse hardier items


Wastewaster heat exchange technology recovers 400KW of energy from water. Heat from the boiler, and dryers is also recycled.

Use of 97% efficient gas hotwater system; over a third more efficient than traditional steam-heated water.

Use of infrared sensors in our industrial driers allows for minimum drying time for garments, and prevents over-drying and excessive wear and tear on linen.

Driers also feature heat recovery systems to pre-heat incoming air, thus reducing their energy consumption by approximately 20%.

Environmental initiatives

Along with significant savings in our major areas of consumption,
we’ve embedded environmental initiatives where possible across our operations:


• On-site recycling


• Insulation of steam and hot water pipes


• Recycling of solvent waste


• Modern vehicle fleet


• Energy-saving lights and light-timers on low-use areas


• Donating used linen suitable for recycling to local charities and third world countries


instep gold carbon & sustainability

As part of the Instep Carbon & Sustainability Reporting System Diamond Laundry Group has monitored its carbon emissions per tonne of laundry processed to an international reporting standard for the past 5 years. Through investment in energy efficient fleet, equipment and the fine tuning of our equipment we have managed to reduce carbon emissions per tonne of laundry processed by 26% between 2012 and 2017.

Diamond Laundry Group has made an ongoing commitment to minimise and monitor its total carbon emissions, to help your business minimise its emissions. If you would like any further details on our monitoring program, feel free to contact us.